NHS Collaborative Procurement Partnership

Sirona Medical underwent a very in depth CPP audit in November 2017 which was carried out by TIAA with only 24 hours notice given.

During the audit No recommendations were identified, No operational effectiveness matters were identified. No failures were noted. The audit was passed with zero recommendations, the highest possible outcome. For further information please download the audit document by clicking below.

Nursing and Care Services file Audit

“Sirona Medical are passionate about compliance and this shows through the files and the processes we evidenced.”
“During the course of the audit conducted at Sirona Medical, evidence was provided throughout which displayed a robust registration and compliance process which underpins the day to day running of the business. Evidence seen during the audit provided a reassurance that Sirona Medical are aware of current legislation and regulations, as well as their client contract specific requirements.”
“Files were presented in a well organised, efficient manner. Processes and procedures were evidenced easily by management and any documents requested were supplied quickly.”
- Audit carried out by Neuven Audit Solutions June 2016.

Who are Neuven?

Neuven Audit Solutions are the market leaders in compliance auditing and complimentary consultancy. They provide compliance audits for users of temporary agencies across all disciplines within the Private and Public sectors. They audit supplying agencies to ensure that they are compliant to all legislative and company requirements. Having workers supplied through an agency that does not recruit and supply in a fully compliant manner can put both the end user and agency at risk of fines and penalties.

Neuven have a demonstrable track record of dramatically reducing instances of non-compliance from original audit to the follow up audit. Neuven’s audit team work closely with the Border Agency and other relevant government bodies to ensure maximum protection for our clients.

For example, the latest home office figures for 1st July to 31st December 2015 for illegal working civil penalties stand at 21m which were paid by Public and Private Sector Organisations for failing to carry out adequate checks to verify candidates’ right to work in the UK.

Within Neuven’s audit team, they have extensive experience within most staffing sectors and their trained team of auditors and training consultants been particularly commended for their work in the nursing, medical locum and general staffing sectors. They are also engaged by many recruitment agencies who desire a third party consultant to give an independent view on their processes and compliance.