When women got pills for hysteria and advice to keep vaginas clean

A Royal College of Nursing exhibition charts the strange, sometimes disturbing history of women’s healthcare.

Silent disco for Hertfordshire dementia care home residents

People living with dementia put on their dancing shoes and boogie to Ol’ Blue Eyes.

Flu vaccine delays for NI over-65s

Manufacturing constraints mean some jabs won’t be available until late November, says chief medical officer.

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People with terminal illnesses share their experiences of talking about death.

Depressed? The places not to live if you need help

NHS talking therapy service is failing patients in one in seven areas of England, BBC analysis shows.

Why is this African village letting mosquitoes in?

The genetically modified insects are part of a project which aims to tackle malaria in Africa.

Doctors ‘need to start early conversation with patients about dying’

They shouldn’t shy away when patients want to talk about the end of their lives, a report says.

Children with problems or problem children?

How do we know if children are misbehaving or mentally ill?

EpiPen shortage: Chemists told to quiz parents on children’s need

The guidance from NHS England relates to devices for children who weigh less than 25kg (four stone).

What is BSE (aka mad cow disease)?

An explanation of the disease – after a case of BSE is confirmed at a farm in Aberdeenshire.