Candidate Testimonials

Join the best agency around-you won’t regret it!
They care about their staff, look after them and they get you the job you want!!!!
Love them!


Fantastic company and willing to help its employees. Sirona Medical have loads of jobs nationwide. I personally loved my assignment in Hertfordshire . The job was fantastic, the people I worked with were great and the pay was sweet.
Sirona Medical Staff are well endowed with customer focused philosophies. They work around your needs, they are prepared to listen to your demands, care about you, offer a smiley face and ready to look for you work.
Visit their office in Harlow, they would offer you a friendly atmosphere with a cup of tea always available. Its generally a very nice agency with great people who value their employees. Would I recommend it to you or my friends willing to work in the field of care? Yes 1001%

– lubega

I have worked with Sirona for over 2 years and hope to continue being part of their organisation for many more years.

They have become my friends and they are professional but friendly, accommodating and  ironing out any problems and giving advice and support as needed, looking after individual needs.

I am happy with their service and joining their company was an easy process.

I would encourage anyone who is looking to register with an agency to consider Sirona.



No matter the query, request or demand, we will meet and exceed your expectations

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